You can download a more in-depth resume in PDF format here.

  • Extensive knowledge in web design, web development, and graphic design.
  • Specializing in W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) web standards based markup, utilizing semantic markup for structure and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for presentation.
  • Solid organizational, project and team management skills.
  • Reliable, motivated, hard working, and attentive to details.
  • Adaptive to new applications and technologies.
  • Excellent communicator, both written and oral.


Web Developer & Designer

2012 - Present
Freelance, Everywhere

Develop front end of websites with HTML, CSS, Javascript/JQuery, Bootstrrap, Wordpress, and some PHP. Design graphics, logos, and email newsletters. Manage communication and deadlines with multiple clients and utilize networking and cold calling for client aquisition.

Front-End Developer & Graphic Designer

2012 - 2017
HOTB Software Solutions, Irvine

Develop front end of multiple websites, both for in-house companies and outside clients, using MSV, TFS, Atom, and Git with a team of back end .NET developers. Develop front end for state housing counselor portals and HOTB Software Solutions company website. Design graphics, logos, site mock-ups/wireframes, and print materials.

  • Won an award for the company for excellent design on a company website. (Voloe).
  • Assisted in the education of coworkers on the use of JIRA for project management.
  • Instrumental in the implementation of a company-wide employee education reimbursement program.


Below are some examples of my work, including freelance, professional, and some exercises.

My Github - Code samples and personal projects.
My Codepen - Code samples and projects from FreeCodeCamp.
Love Lab - Designed & developed front end of the website (HTML5/.Net Razor MVC, CSS3/LESS, Javascript, jQuery).
ReferralClix - Designed & developed front end of the website (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery); Developed scrolling Javascript animation on the "How it Works" page; designed all graphics.
Kathy Kaehler - Developed, implemented, and managed Wordpress and customized template; designed all graphics and logo; reworked data structure of the site for ease-of-use for client.
Voloe - Designed and developed front end of the website (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, AJAX); designed all graphics and logo; assisted a team with implementing .NET

Skills & Proficiency


Javascript & jQuery

LESS, Sass, Grunt, & Gulp

Assemble & Jekyll



Sketch, Illustrator, & Photoshop